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100.00 VAT excluded

  • All incoming calls to toll-free 800 numbers are billed per minute.
  • Toll-free 800 numbers are for national calls only.
  • For national calls to an 800 number from a mobile device or landline, you must dial 800xxxxxx (where xxxxxx is your 800 number).
  • Incoming traffic is metered and calls are charged.
  • The price shown is for one year of service and excluding VAT.
  • The service includes the use of a PBX exchange
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Professional and advanced solution, suitable for professionals, medium and large companies, which need to manage a toll-free number with a multi-user switchboard that can also connect different operating offices.

Flexible and economical, this solution allows you to be up and running in a few hours, improving your corporate image and ensuring maximum accessibility to your communications.

Guaranteed accessibility through physical voip terminals or via smartphone app

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