Malta Voip is able to provide a pay-as-you-go PBX service, the final cost of which will be determined by the actual traffic that will be carried out.

Fixed costs will be determined exclusively by the use of the PBX switchboard being able to install voip lines that are already contracted between your company and other telephone operators.

The pay-as-you-go solution also allows you to choose, for telephone traffic, other VoIP operators other than those chosen by us.

150for Year
  • 1 voip number to install
  • Consumption traffic
  • PBX switchboard configuration
  • 3 interior
  • Compatible with all Voip operators
€. 360for Year
  • 15 geographical number voip
  • Consumption traffic
  • PBX switchboard configuration
  • 15 internal
  • Compatible with all Voip operators

The Malta Business Voip System virtual switchboard is the right choice to cut your company’s telephony costs:

  • No hardware infrastructure to buy and maintain.
  • Fully configurable and manageable remotely, simply by accessing your control panel via the Web.
  • Significant reduction in spending because you can choose your most convenient VoIP telephone operator.


With the virtual switchboard you will give your customers, suppliers and partners an even more professional image of your company, at a cost that is lower than the management of a traditional switchboard.

Here are 10 reasons why Malta Business Voip System is worth choosing:

  1. it is a service and therefore does not require financial investments.
  2. installation, management and maintenance are not required.
  3. it is modular, it expands in relation to the customer’s needs, allowing you to always have a service at the right price.
  4. there are no activation costs.
  5. there are no costs associated with top-ups.
  6. there is no minimum contract term.
  7. you can speak for free with all those who already use Malta Voip Pbx.
  8. has very competitive costs.
  9. allows you to configure your switchboard in full autonomy.
  10. it allows you to use your VoIP number for both receiving and calling, without requiring you to do Number Portability

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