Terms and conditions – aggregate VOIP telephony services, telephone traffic.

To obtain the right to use the aggregate services of maltavoip.com it is necessary to accept the terms and conditions during the Checkout and Registration phase. The Terms and Conditions extend to all services rendered pursuant to this document, concluded between Malta Voip and your person as a user. Furthermore, using your user account and maltavoip.com services means that you agree with the terms and conditions, contained in this document or in its subsequent revisions.

Maltavoip.com is a third-party service aggregator, which has the main purpose of optimizing and coordinating Voip telephony services and then offering them to the end user complete with configuration.

The user by confirming and accepting the “Terms and Conditions of the service”, becomes a party to this agreement, in possession of a binding legal effect. With this agreement you express your acceptance on the use of electronic means with the intent to conclude contracts, place orders and other data transfers, and also for the electronic delivery of notifications, regulatory documents and operational data, initiated or terminated with the use of maltavoip.com services. In addition to this, with the acceptance, the User declines, in the context of statements authorized by the corresponding provisions of effective legislation, from any right and request, guaranteed by the laws and regulations of any jurisdiction, requiring the presence of a personal signature ( non-electronic) and delivery and storage of documents.

Emergency calls are prohibited. Maltavoip.com’s services are not intended for emergency telephone assistance and cannot be used for that purpose. You understand and agree with this, accepting the terms and conditions of this point.

Jurisdictional Restriction. You have the right to use Maltavoip.com services in any country, unless that country’s legislation is contrary. If you wish to use this service on a territory where the use of the maltavoip.com services is not permitted by law or prohibited, you have no right to conclude this agreement and to use the maltavoip.com services.

By accepting the terms and conditions, the user confirms that the use of the maltavoip.com services in their territory is permitted by local legislation. Furthermore, if you live in the territory of a jurisdiction, whose legislation places age limits for the use of internet applications, you do not have the right to conclude this agreement and to use the services of maltavoip.com.