Toll-free number 800

Malta Voip is able to offer a rechargeable 800 toll-free number management service, capable of guaranteeing your business maximum efficiency in terms of Voip communications and cost-effectiveness.

The toll-free number is the most effective and direct marketing, sales and customer service tool. It represents a constant point of reference for customers and can be included in any advertising material.

Activating a toll-free number with us is very simple

To activate a toll-free number you will need to:

  • Purchase the prepaid product in the shop area;
  • send a copy of the company registration certificate and the passport and / or identity card (both sides) of the Legal Representative;
  • proof of address (a copy of the bill no older than 6 months);
  • Indicate your current address (city, street, number and postal code);
Toll-free number activation